Oracle success stories, largest database in the world

oracle success stories
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Oracle success stories, Oracle corporation is the largest database in the world

Oracle success stories: Oracle inc. is a database management system ( DBMS ) that emerged in America in the late 1970s when Larry Ellison envisioned an opportunity that other companies did not realize and found a description of a functional prototype of a relational database. He also discovered that no company had committed itself to commercializing this technology.

Ellison and Oracle Corporation co-founders Bob Miner and Ed Oates realized that there was tremendous business potential in the relational database model thus making it the world’s largest enterprise software company.

In addition to the database, Oracle developed a development suite called Oracle Developer Suite, used in the construction of computer programs that interact with its database. Oracle also created the PL / SQL programming language used in transaction processing.

The Oracle Corporation is majorly made up of Oracle Database and  Oracle Weblogic. The first is a database management system and the second is an application server. Not to mention Oracle E-Business Suite, an integrated management software package.

The success of Oracle products in figures:

Oracle systems specializes in three different segments. The first represents 70% of its turnover. This is the sale of licenses that combines database software and application management such as customer relationship management, procurement or decision support. The second segment represents 17% of Oracle’s sales. In 2013, the company sold more than 3,000 machines. Consulting and training services represent 13% of turnover and are the third segment. Products include database software, e-mail software, virtualization software, Java solutions and helpdesk. The  figures show that Oracle is still growing as the company is ahead of IBM with $ 29.6 billion in revenues, an increase of $ 900 million.

What makes Oracle Corporation a success is its corporate buyout policy. This began in 2004 with the acquisition of PeopleSoft, the publisher of the PGI software. In 2005, Retek was acquired by the group. The success of Oracle Corporation follows: Siebel Systems, Hyperion Solutions, BEA Systems, WebLogic … Its biggest blow is certainly the acquisition of Sun Microsystems for more than $ 7 billion. A redemption that created a controversy at the level of the European Commission. In 2010, Phase Forward was enrolled by Oracle Corporation for $ 685 million. In this same year, the acquisition of Art Technologie (1 billion USD) opens a new horizon for Oracle Corporation, that of e-commerce software.

Taleo is acquired in 2012 for 1.9 billion Usd, a company that offers talent management software. In 2013, the group acquired Bitzer Mobile, an American group offering a mobile multiplatform support application. That same year saw Responsys, bought by Oracle Corporation for 1.5 billion Usd. And the conquest continued with the acquisition of BlueKai, GreenBytes, and Micros Systems.

In the year 2014, Oracle Corporation’s Redwood Shores location served as the setting for the feature film “Terminator,” whose producer is none other than Larry Ellison’s son.


Products from Oracle Corporation

Below is an excerpt from Oracle Corporation’s successful products :

– Database software

  • MySQL Server
  • MySQL Workbench
  • Oracle Database

– Virtualization Software

  • Oracle VM and VirtualBox

– Messaging software

  • Oracle Communications
  • Unified Communications Suite; and many more.

In conclusion, Oracle inc has become the world leader in software solutions for companies and it was counted that 98 of the world’s 100 largest companies use Oracle’s products and services today. Furthermore, Oracle inc. has been perfecting its flagship products and remains the market leader. It also seeks to stand out from its competitors by adding new functionalities to its DBMS. For example, with the latest versions released, the possibility of storing objects in the database was expanded.

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